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What Are the Types of Ice Makers?

Maybe you are wondering how thousands of ice cubes are produced in your favorite food chain.  Well, some maybe relying on their suppliers, but most of them are having their own ice makers.  In this article, let’s examine what are the types of ice makers, and let’s try to check if we can also own one for home use. 

Commercial Ice Makers:  These large-in-size ice machines are often seen in restaurants, hotels, cafés, hospitals, school canteens, and other big institution where ice is often used.  It does not just produce ice but also serves as storage for the ice.  Its large size can produce different types of ice such as cubes, nuggets, flakes, etc up to 1000 lbs every day. Go here to know more about this portable ice maker reviews.

Built-in ice machines:  These machines need to be installed in a refrigerator and often seen in homes.  This is recommended for homes whose owners usually host parties, gatherings, etc.  Of course, wines, beers, and other beverages are often served in gatherings and running out of ice is a common problem.  Installing these machines to your home ref would be an advantage.

Under counter/Countertops/Portable Ice Makers.  These machines are the most popular and salable nowadays because of its usability.  These are easy to transport and are very much helpful when you are doing activities outside the home.  And because these ice-makers are able to produce ice in just few minutes, many are fascinated with how these compact ice makers make your ice making convenient.  There are best portable ice makers in the market today.  Just be sure to choose those in good quality.

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