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The Hot European Fashion Market

Based from the statistics of fashion industry, Europe is considered one step better than America. Basically speaking, all that catwalks and fashion shows on Paris or in Milan is not yet released on America. But if they did, Europe is on another set of new fashion trend again. Why does this keep happening? That is because European Fashion Market is full of creative minds of designers that always open their mind in new collections.

Here are some of the renowned names in the fashion industry that you can see on Europe.

Popular Fashion Designers

Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul from Beatle, was already creating fabulous designs since 1990s. Despite the intrigues that her popularity came from the popularity of his father, she proved herself to be of great talent with a vision. Her recent work was during the cat walk Autumn 2011 where the designs are filled with gender ambiguity. Stella creates tailored wear but loose for women, with the inclusion of collared coats and blazers.

Another famous name is Nicola Formichetti, the director of French fashion house Thierry Mugler. If you are not familiar with the name, perhaps you might remember his designs through Lady Gaga’s clothes. He dropped out of school as an architect and pursued his dream in European street fashion. Then, from simple designer to art director, he made a lot of designs that were recognized by fashion editors. His designs are mostly futuristic and hyper-sexual.

Finally, Nicholas Kirkwood is the recent famous designer of clothes, particularly on shoes. His designs are re-defined and decorative. The shoes are very high, with spouting furs, feathers and even beads. Sometimes, it also has wild patterns, layered variety of fabrics and materials with artistic touch of angles.
Based from just these 3 designers, you can already say that Europe is really ahead in fashion sense.

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