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What Are Robots In Wink Hubs?wink 1 vs wink 2

Yes, Wink Hubs have robots but not the kind that you may be thinking. The purpose of Wink Hubs is to grant users more control and convenience in the multitude of smart devices available in their homes and offices. You can command lights to turn off or on by the simple swipe on your phone or tablet. The Wink developers bring us closer to the future by enabling users to install personalized schedules, shortcuts, and robots in their Wink Hubs.

For example, if you want to schedule your lights to turn on the specific time you need to wake up then it is now possible with the Wink App. Shortcuts are available to activate multiple devices with just one swipe. While Robots are more complicated programs that can be designed easily by the users. This is a great way to have a truly self-operated home. For example, you can program your lights to turn on automatically during nighttime when your camera detects movements.

Which Wink Hub Are These Available?

Customers who are after the ease and luxury of home automation brought by the Wink App, then choosing between the two hubs will not be a large problem. Both Wink Hubs can support device schedules, shortcuts, and robots. If you own a classic Wink Hub then there is no need to purchase a newer version just to enjoy this feature. Both Wink Hubs do support home automation, however, its level of operation differs between wink 1 vs wink 2.

The Tie Breaker: Wink Hub 1 Vs Wink Hub 2

Although schedules, protocols, and robots are available in both hubs, the specifications are different in each generation. The specs are important factors to ensure that your hub will truly and quickly follow the scheduled commands and prompts that you have installed for your smart devices. By comparison, the specifications of Wink Hub 2 are considerably better with its larger local memory of 512 MB resulting to a faster response of your smart devices to commands from the Wink Hub 2. It can also easily store your smart devices’ schedules, prompts, and robots. If you are looking for true automation, it is better to choose Wink Hub 2.

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