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How Can I Apply for the Brim 2018?

Like all financial assistance, applying for the brim 2018 needs to be qualified for the eligibility and follow some certain steps. Of course, since it was implemented by the Malaysian government, it is expected to be given only to the Malaysian individuals who are currently residing in the country. Also, to filter out the number of recipients, only those individuals who have below their threshold will be given the privilege to be eligible to the monetary assistance.

Online and Offline Application

For the application of the brim 2018, you need either to apply online or offline. For the online method, you need only to visit the page of the BR1M and fill out the application form there. On the hand, if you apply offline, you need either to go to the Office of the State Secretary or the Inland Revenue Board Malaysia. In addition, if you apply thru offline, you need to give the application back to where you get them. Applications that were sent thru fax and e-mail will not be processed.

It is also advisable that you put an account number where the monetary assistance will be sent. If you are not able to give any kind of account number, you will be required to go to the voucher in order to receive your BR1M voucher, however, you will suffer from long queues and large crowds.

The latest MyKad identification is also a requirement for your application to be processed. The payout is distributed in four months. The eligible applicants will be able to receive in the month of January, the month of April, the month of June, and the month of September. Only those households with RM4,000 below are usually the eligible recipient of the said monetary assistance. There are four classifications of the eligible recipients - those that belong to the household income below RM1000, below RM3000, between RM3001 to RM4000, and below RM2000.

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