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Good Things You Should Know About Spring Snow Ghost Hunting

Hunting Snow Geese is of the best thrilling activities you can do during Spring. It is much more thrilling especially for those hunters who love to get exciting shots on the birds’ wings. But if you are still new to this kind of activity, maybe you might be wondering if such hunting is legal or not.

Actually, snow goose hunting was temporarily stopped in 1916 due to the decrease in population of these special ducks. However, the it was allowed again in 1975 after seeing that the population has recovered. From then on, goose hunting has been very popular. Despite the increasing number of goose hunters, the population was still increasing and prohibiting of hunting never happened again. But in some areas, there are law that you should need to familiarize in order to make hunting possible. This is one way of controlling hunters and prevent snow geese from being instinct.

What are decoys?

Decoys are one of the things you should be using when going for a hunt. Because geese are conditioned that they are about to be shoot, they become very cautions. Hence, hunters use decoys. Decoys are device that are formed into snow geese. Having about 1500 decoys can attract flock of snow geese’s attention and most likely they would go to your direction. This makes snow goose hunting easier. Hunters can also conceal to the decoys so they can shoot goose easily.

If you want to try this thrilling activity, you may make a deal with experts who can guide you in snow goose hunting.

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