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Things To Know Before You Do The Shopping Cart Trick

Acquiring a credit card when you have bad credit standing is almost close to impossible. Since banks have their way of knowing whether or not you still have an outstanding credit against another bank or if you are a good payer or not, they will make sure to restrict your involvement with them. More information on shopping cart trick on

Luckily, there is this thing called the shopping cart trick wherein a person, regardless of their credit ranking, is awarded with a credit card. The name of the trick actually is the actual thing that you are going to do; you are going to pretend that you are shopping so that shops would present to you the offer to get a credit card. Once they do the offering, they will not bother to check your credit history, thus, increasing the possibility of getting a card.

Things That You Must Know Before Doing The Trick

1. Make sure that you have disabled the pop-up blocker. Usually, the offers given by shops are shown through pop-up windows and if the blocker isn’t disabled, you wouldn’t be able to see it and eventually miss the chance. Just turn it back on once you are done.
2. Never enter your full social security number so that they do not have to do the hard pull on you.
3. This trick only works with Comenity Bank. However, do not worry because there are actually a lot of stores that are working with Comenity Bank. For sure, you will be surprised as to how many they are.
4. This is also another way of increasing your credit score. Since you will be awarded with a credit card, make sure that you make timely payments so that your credit rating will improve which will lead to you not using the trick in any future transactions anymore.

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