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The Fundamentals Of USI Tech Coin Investment

The leading cryptocurrency is bitcoin. It has been evident that the increase in the value of bitcoin in just 12 months are about 100%. It is projected to be increased in a year or two as much as 400% and this is because more companies are now using bitcoins thus the demand and acceptance have certainly increased. USI Tech is originally about a software product dealing with the system of foreign exchange. Now, they changed the approach and entered cryptocurrency industry in the form of USI Tech Coins or TECH Coin ICO. Source for more about usi tech.

Tech Coin and Options for Investments

In order to start the investment, USI Tech offers several packages for purchasing Tech coin and these are silver, gold, ruby, emerald, and diamond. Every package has a corresponding level of monetary value. 500,000,000 million is the total amount of tokens made available during the USI Tech Coin ICO. During the first plump of ICO has made 16 million tokens sold to over 3700 buyers. The amount of currency elevated by ICO is 1,6133.8 bitcoin which is about $10,000.000.

The Silver 0.009433 BTC. The package includes 100 Tech Coins worth $0.58 cents each. When these tokens hit the market, you may anticipate your $1 to be $100, $10 to be $1,000, and $100 to be $10,000.
The Gold 0.47165 BTC. This package has 5,000 Tech Coins with 10,000 tokens as a first bonus. This investment worth $0.29 cents each. Investors may anticipate their $1 returns to be 10,000, $10 to be $100,000, and $100 would be $1 Million.

The Ruby 1.8866 BTC. This package includes 20,000 tokens with two bonuses for about to 80,000 tokens and this worth $0.14 cents each. The potential income for every $1 would be $80,000, $10 return is $800,000, and $100 can be $8 Million.

The Emerald 4.7165 BTC. This package has a huge offer of 400,000 tokens that is worth $0.07 cents per token. Every investor can expect their $1 to be $400,000, $10 will be $4 Million and $100 can turn to $40 .
Million and lastly
The Diamond 9.433 BTC. Seems to be the biggest option that offers 1 million tokens with as much as 1.6 Million tokens as its bonus. These tokens roughly cost $0.03 cents each. The return on investment would be: $1 return is $1.6 Million, $10 is $16 Million, and $100 can be $160 Million.

Payment Scheme

A BTC Wallet is recommended in order to earn. The bitcoin is transmitted to USI through normal hash transfer. There are numerous BTC wallets and they are all easy to set up. You just have to remember the code USI-Tech as the transaction code for every transfer. In BTC Wallet anyone can have access to check and withdraw daily payout in the USI Tech back office.
The commission will accumulate in a daily manner inside the back office. There will be an option where you can buy additional packages with the use of accumulated bitcoin balance. There will be additional 2% transaction fee whenever you wanted to transfer the funds from the USI Tech back office to your own personal account.

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